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Official Permit to Install or Repair Sanitary Sewers or Storm Sewers

  1. Permission is hereby granted to

  2. system of said City, under the provisions of the Municipal Code of said City.

  3. Main Sewer

  4. If this connection is to a sanitary sewer, you are to use 6-inch pipe in the public right of way and either 6 inch or 4 inch pipe in private property areas, using the following material; extra strength vitrified clay, cast iron, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bedded with course sand or pea rock, conforming to ASTM 2665 schedule 40 or ASTM 1784 SRD 35 or less. Entire line shall be water tight.

  5. Estimate of State Department charges for damages caused.

  6. Inspection Record

  7. You are hereby advised that you are to tell the Public Works Department of the exact time at which sewer lines are to be tapped and are not to disturb any sewer or accessory until the Public Works Department inspector, is personally on the ground to inspect the tap, and no portion of the sewer service shall be covered until the Public Works Department inspector has inspected the line.

    From the point of connection with the main sewer to the building to be served, a raising grade of not less than 1% (1/8 inch per foot) must be maintained. If a “cut-in” connection to a sewer is permitted, top of first man hole down sewer form it must be uncovered at time of inspection.

    If connection is to a sanitary sewer, no surface or subsurface drainage will be allowed.

    You are further advised that, from the time the excavation contemplated by this permit has been commenced until the work has been fully completed, you are to keep the obstruction safely barricaded and lighted for the protection of the public.

    Owner should keep this permit with title papers and pass it with title, as information heron may be great use to anyone having future work to do on this connection.

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