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Park Use Application Form

  1. City of Creston Park & Recreation Department Park Use Application Form

  2. Please note: Keg beer is not permitted on any City property.

    The undersigned certifies that all above information is true and hereby accepts full responsibility for compliance of all individuals in the group with the City of Creston Park rules and regulations. The undersigned agrees to make financial restitution to the City for any damage to or loss of City property or equipment caused by the above named group or any individual present at this event. Furthermore, the undersigned does hereby release and hold harmless the City of Creston, its elected officials, employees and volunteers from any and all claims or loss resulting in bodily injury or property damages caused by the undersigned or any third party present at this event. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to financial reimbursement to the City if additional cleanup is necessary by the park employees. The City reserves the right to cancel arrangements in case of emergencies with or without notice.

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