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Park Shelter Reservation Form

  1. Park Shelter Reservation Form

    Reservations are on a first come basis and may be reserved after the first of January in the year of your reservation. To check for availability call 641-782-2000.

    Fill out this form and bring it along with the $25 fee to the Parks and Recreation Director’s Office on the first floor of the Restored Depot at 116 West Adams Street.

  2. All shelter houses in the park are furnished with one trash can and 5 picnic tables to rent for $25. When renting the shelter, you have the use of the above amenities for the whole day. If you (the renter) wish to have extra tables, arrangements must be made at the time of the reservation or no less than 2 business (week) days prior to your event. Up to 6 extra tables can be rented for an additional $10 per table. During special events, holidays and at some other times, extra tables may not be available. No sales of any kind including “garage” sales may be conducted from a park shelter. This does not include the Creston Farmers Market sales.

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